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IPSwitcher Professional Screenshot

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IPSwitcher Professional Product Information

To introduce IPSwitcher Professional, we are offering a special promotion! Only $30 U.S. for the full version until July 15, 2018! Click here to order now!

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IPSwitcher Professional Overview:

Control different types of Internet connection (ADSL, Leased Line, Cable Modem Line) with a User Firendly interface with an easy-to-use soft router - IPSwitcher Pro! Supports Multi-Network environment as well as several network adapters.Let's suppose that there are several types of network connections in your office (such as ADSL, leased line for your office applications, modem line for some slow connections). Depending on your current task - you should use one single connection at the single time. How can you do it? In an old fashioned way - you should disconnect from ADSL in case if you would like to use you office application program. But later if you'd like to use Internet - you have to switch on ADSL again 'cause it's faster.Now you can forget about all this difficulties. IPSwitcher Pro is a tool that eliminates all this inconvenience. All you need is just to create simple configurations - and apply these configurations to your system but just one click of mouse. This configuration contains destination address (it could be special IP or web-site) and appropriate gateway. So all your outgoing network traffic would be directed in a smart way.FEATURES
  • - Create independent routing configurations. Every configuration can contain unlimited routing entries
  • - Import/export routing configurations with special files on your hard disk
  • - Configure IPSwitcher Pro to start and apply configurations automatically during OS starting
  • - Easy to edit file format (XML). Possibility to change it manually whenever it's necessary (e.g. while administering multi-computer network it could convenient to prepare files for different computers in network at once)
  • - IBM 486/DX-66 or higher
  • - Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
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